Helping business owners create a self-sustaining workforce by turning their managers into confident leaders.

Level-up the leadership capabilities of your team so you can focus more on the growth and strategy needed to drive your business forward.

Empower your team to lead with confidence

Your Leaders' Lack of Confidence Directly Impacts You and Your Business

How often do you relate to the following?

The "Plugged In" Vacation

You prepare for your dream vacation, which is long overdue, but worry about the work that will get done and the decisions made in your absence. The stress of these unknowns inhibits you from truly “unplugging” and enjoying your time off.

Living in the Weeds

You find yourself doing tactical work because one of your managers hasn’t demonstrated the necessary skills to complete it…..even though you are behind on your primary objectives that will help to move the business forward.

24/7 Decision Maker For All

Your managers lack confidence and often come to you for decision-making that is within their control. You feel the need to be “plugged in” at all hours…creating the 24/7 workweek.

Richelle Jessey CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS
Leadership Coach

Ready to turn your team into confident, empowered leaders?

This is where I come in...

As a Certified Leadership Coach, previous Human Resources professional, and people manager, I have witnessed what underdeveloped leadership skills and a lack of confidence can do in an organization.

Organizations often put high performers in leadership roles with minimal-to-no people management training, expecting them to excel since they were great technical employees. This causes poor performance for the new leader, their team, and the organization.

It was frustrating to see the domino effect that was occurring time and time again. This was when I started to take a focused interest in leadership development and coaching – I wanted to see what I could do to prevent business challenges that stem from leaders lacking confidence and skills to drive their teams to success.

Effective leadership skills allow for employees’ growth and development, increased engagement and productivity in teams, and goal setting and execution towards the team’s strategy and vision.

Who doesn’t want that? It IS possible, and I can show you how.

Level-up Your Leadership Program

How Leveling-up the Leadership Capabilities of Your Team Can significantly Impact Your Business

The Level-up Your Leadership Program is a customized approach designed to help you create a self-sustaining workforce by increasing your team’s leadership capabilities so you can focus on decisions that drive the bottom line for your business and escape the 24/7 workweek.

Your leaders will receive a personalized, actionable leadership development plan to help them level-up their leadership capabilities so they can effectively drive engagement, retain your top talent and increase productivity within their teams, allowing you to maintain a strategic mindset and work/life balance.

As a business owner, your focus needs to be on strategic initiatives that drive a competitive ROI and build a strong culture of productivity and engagement. Often business owners feel pulled into the tactical, day-to-day problem solving that draws them away from making these strategic decisions that have long-term impacts on the bottom line. This then trickles into feeling as though they can never truly “leave work,” whether it be in the evenings, weekends, or vacations, as they are always playing “catch-up” on the work that truly matters and feel the need to provide 24/7 support to their teams. I’m here to help you change that by increasing your leaders’ capabilities so you can focus on your top priorities and leave work where it belongs – in the office.

What's It Like on the Other Side?

After working with me, you may find yourself in the below scenarios…


3 Steps to Level-up Your Team's Leadership Capabilities

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Leadership Awareness

Self-awareness and reflection of attitudinal tendencies explain current leader behaviors and what has kept them from becoming the leader they want to be.  Insights gained in this step shape objective actions for focused development.

Leadership roadmap

Moving from theoretical to actionable.  This entails pulling information from all assessments to form a results-driven plan that will level-up your manager’s leadership capabilities to confidently lead engaged teams that produce consistent results.

Leadership confidence

Once your managers lead from a place of confidence, they will make empowered decisions and more effectively engage their teams.  What does this mean?  You, the business owner, will spend less time on tactical work to help support them.

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